Sunday, April 15, 2012

Carb update

I reassembled the other two sets of carbs I had to play with and decided to go through my own before putting them back on the car (though I am still waiting on some transmission synchro rings and it will be another week or so before any reassembly happens!).

Mine needed new shafts - not bad but not great, and now is the time.  I finally got the hang of quickly and accurately rebushing the carb bodies.  Using the reamer with the 5/16" shaft and the 3/8" cutters, I reground the flutes at the shaft end to make them angled such that they will bite the material when fed from the shaft end.

I found a socket that fit the cutter end perfectly and used my variable speed drill to rotate while applying downward pressure with the carb body held in my large vise.  Takes two seconds to line drill the carb, and it comes out perfect.  Don't drill all the way through - leave a small shoulder at the bottom.

The best carb bushings aren't the bronze ones from McMaster Carr - they are the ones from Moss.  They fit better, and the 5/16" ID oiled-bronze bearings have an ID which is just slightly too large for my liking.  I used red thread locker to seat the bushings. 

I also ordered a braided carb to carb fuel line from Moss just to dress it up a little.  Looks very nice.

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