Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Decisions, decistions....

I have a decision to make. My "A" is back together, but Friday will be the first time I can test it out. Rebuilt transmission and rebuilt carburetors with zero time on them.

Assuming it starts and runs, I am hoping to go on the MA/RI "drive your MGA day" (May 5th) run to Sakkonet Point in RI - but it's about 2.5 hours to get to the starting line, 2-3 hours of driving on the event, then 2.5 hours home. That is a lot of driving in a car that I am not too sure of yet (given that I have never rebuilt a transmission before).

I will certainly drive my MGA - just not sure if I want to drive it that far (yet).
What is a suitable testing interval for the transmission?  I just don't want to get 100 miles from home (the AAA towing limit, I think) and then have it die.  I am nervous that I did something wrong and haven't figured it out yet.

Friday is the test drive - will let you know what happens!


it's Friday and I did get the car started.  Put oil in the transmission, hooked up the tacho cable, set static timing, set carb sync mechanically (don't have the gauge ports hooked up yet) - car started right up!  Cold and wet out and I am tired, so test drive will be tomorrow - but NOT going on the club run to Sakonnett Point, RI.  It's 2 hours to the starting line, 2.5 hours on the ride, then 2 hours home, minimum - and we have other commitments around the 'hood this weekend as Carrie and I will go somewhere fun on Sunday - like to Peterborough for a pint or maybe Portsmouth or Rye...or heck, even just downtown in good old Nashua.   We like to go downtown early and have breakfast.  There is also a great breakfast at the municipal airport - Boire Field - in Nashua.  I still don't know if the transmission works yet!


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