Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer is here - odds n' ends and driving the car

June 12, 2012

Summer is here and I am determined to drive the car regularly this year.  It is finally back to the point where that is or should be possible!

In the weeks since I finally reinstalled the transmission, I have repaired the rear axle leaks (again) and installed the speedi-sleeves to hopefully keep the seals from leaking again in the future.  I had to make a special tool to install the speedi-sleeves out of PVC fittings on my lathe.  The cup that comes in the box with the sleeve it too short to clear the axle, and if you mess up the first time, you ruin the sleeve.  BTDT, at about $40/sleeve...ouch.

I have installed the newly refurbished tacho, speedo and fuel gauges.  My friend Tom in MA did a fabulous job restoring them and cleaning them up internally - for free!  I have to figure out how to get him to accept some gratuity - he did a really nice job! 

The speedo is still reading high - I plan to carefully check it against the GPS or highway markers, but I believe the odometer is accurate - so that means the speedo spring is weak, or the magnet is too close to the spring pan.  More investigation required.

I am still thrilled, as now my gauges all work for the first time ever.  It's nice having a working fuel gauge!

I ordered new brake shoes as mine were a bit worn and the "keeper" springs need to be replaced on the left side rear, so I should replace the shoes while I am at it.  I have an inspection due in August, so this is a good time to do the brakes.  Hopefully the inspection station will then decide they don't have to take the drums off to check if I bring the receipt or the box with the old brake shoes.  The real problem is that when the rear brakes wear - even though there should be plenty of life left in them - the adjuster reaches the end of it's travel and then has to be shimmed.  I could just shim the adjuster with a piece of 1/8" plate, but new shoes are inexpensive enough at about $15/pair with shipping, so why not go ahead if you have it apart?  I have had it apart three times before (for the leaking and the adjuster problem) without changing them, and the next time will be the last time for long time, I hope.

I want to stop maintaining for while and start driving!  This weekend there is a BCNH father's day run to Putney VT and I am hoping to attend!


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