Friday, March 23, 2012

New Carb Stub Stacks

I am so excited - I just got my new carb stub stacks from Steve Ash in the UK.  He is on the MGA cars BBS in the UK and was nice enough to have about 50 sets made up for the board members that wanted them.  These promise to give about a 5% to 7% boost in power, and better throttle off-idle response due to improved laminar flow on the intake to the carbs.  They are machined aluminum, and very nicely turned out.  I am thinking that I can use one to make a casting mold out of plaster for additional copies - but I think I'll take one to a local machine shop and get a quote on making further copies - that way any time I rebuild a set of carbs, I can include a set as an option.  When I get the transmission and engine back in (this Sunday I hope - more to come on that) I will be anxious to give them a try!  I'll post a full report below when the time comes!  Woo-Hoo...very cool!  Thank you Steve!

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