Friday, March 23, 2012

Transmission Day - Part Deux

A few weeks ago, I had Geoff and Tom (JackAlley and Team Evil) come up for a day of transmission and carb rebuild workshop-training sessions.  I showed Geoff how to rebuild his carbs, and the the three of us figured out how to take apart my transmission, but we never got it back together.  This Sunday, Tom is returning to help me reassemble the transmission and hopefully get it, and the engine, back in my car!  Then I'll be driving again - whoopee!  BUT, I still have to pull my front shocks and send them to Worldwide to get them re-built, as they leak mightily.  I am motivated now to do that, however.  Other winter projects left undone as yet include replacing the drivers' side oil seal on my rear axle/hub.  If we get time, maybe Tom can help with that, too - as it kicked my @$$ and bent my cheater bar the last time I tried.

Stay tuned to this channel for further updates.

Update:  No-one could come today - TeamEvil had a guy coming to work on some of his machine tools.  Bummer.  It's raining, and I have to help my wife do some grading and correcting since she has a broken hand - bummer.  (She broke it when someone rear ended her CR-V about two weeks ago - makes it hard to be a teacher...)  I have a couple of hours to play, though, so I am going to make some progress today - whether it be carbs, cleaning the garage, or actually working on the transmission!

Update:  11 April

Monday I figured out how to get the gears off of the secondary shaft, and I replaced the second gear synchro with a new one from Moss.  I didn't order the 3rd and 4th gear synchros, since they generally are reusable - or so I was told.  Mine were toast, and I am now waiting for them to come in the mail from Moss (hopefully today) so I can continue!

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  1. So, how was your car’s transmission? Is it fixed already? Why don’t you just bring it to an auto shop, so they can immediately fix what needs to be fixed? It’s hard not to have a car for a day or two. ->Jae Gunderson